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riverside weddings

Romantic riverside weddings are available in Columbus, GA; San Antonio, TX and Oklahoma City, OK.  We have several romantic locations to choose from.  There are many perfect sites to elope to are available for a small group (3-4), without any charges from the city in the different parks alongside of the river.  However, if you are expecting a larger group or want to decorate, then you may want to reserve your spot for four hours to accommodate the event. 

Columbus, GA
San Antonio, TX
Oklahoma City, OK

Early morning or sunset weddings are recommended for the "Miradores del Mar (viewpoints of the river from little gazebos)" along the river walkway because of the windy conditions that prevail during the daytime.  However, if the wedding is casual, anytime is fine.  There are also numerous museum in the area as well as some parks, which you can tie the knot / get married.. 

Several hotels located near the river, the different museum and  near the parks sites.  They are perfect for a lovely reception or honeymoon following the ceremony.  Click here to see our river side wedding package arranged by our exclusive wedding coordinator.

Please check the needed link below to see the rules and regulations according to the proper state for the marriage license bureau.  If you are in the active duty military please see what is the law pertaining to you. 



Check with the bureau for details.  We only perform legal & biblically based weddings or vow renewals.  Please do not request same sex vows or commitment ceremonies for couples desiring to live together without marriage.

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