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Are you searching for a romantic destination for your wedding? 

Are you looking for a minister to marry you, but you don't know one
in the city of your ceremony? 

Are you a Christian, but just don't have a church right now for the wedding? 

You have found the right place!



Romantic river walk weddings are available in Waco, TX area.  We have several romantic locations to choose from.  Perfect sites to elope to are available for a small group (3-4), without any charges from the city.  However, if you are expecting a larger group or want to decorate, then you may want to reserve your spot for four hours to accommodate the event.  There are also numerous parks, which you can be married in as well.  Click here for our special "Riverside Vows."

Several hotels are located near the river walk  sites.  They are perfect for a lovely reception or honeymoon following the ceremony.  See below for our river walk wedding package arranged by our exclusive wedding coordinator.

Please allow 72 hours after obtaining your marriage license from a Texas County license bureau before the ceremony, unless you are active duty military.  Check with the bureau for details.  We only perform legal & biblically based weddings or vow renewals. 

Please do not request same sex vows or commitment ceremonies for couples desiring to live together without marriage.  All of our wedding Ceremonies are based from the Word of God!

Wedding Basket

Our most requested package
Seaside Wedding Package*

Wedding Basket

More Wedding Basket Contents

Cake that serves 10

Small Bouquet & Boutonnière

Chocolate Covered Strawberries

We will pickup everything for you and bring it to the wedding.

Officiating of the wedding with Special River Walk Vows
Decorative Basket of Goodies
Two Crystal Champagne Flutes
Special Decorated Wedding Cake
(feed up to 10 people or you can order a larger cake if needed)
Plates, Forks, Napkins & Tablecloth for picnic
Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
Small Bride's Bouquet
Groom's Boutonnière
Area Restaurant Gift Certificate
Photo Album
Wedding Pictures (Value of $250) - You process
Bottle of Champagne, Apple Cider or Sparkling Lemonade
(you choose)
Sand Ceremony

(If there are children living in the home with you, they are welcome to participate in your Sand Ceremony / Wedding).
Guests Included

*Requires full payment processed at least 7 days before wedding.

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